Amoke Kubat has written a book, “Missing Mama,” that literally grabs you by the throat and holds your attention from beginning to end. Her mother’s tragic death in an auto accident when she was just 2-years-old, catapulted her into a life of constant adjustment as her childhood was spent living with a parade of dysfunctional relatives. Additionally, her father’s multiple marriages, infidelities, and womanizing took precedence over his daughter’s welfare.

Amoke takes the reader on a journey through her young life from pre-school to young womanhood. She describes her relationship with her maternal grandmother, who was probably the closest person in her life to a mother. The journey is a virtual roller coaster ride through child sexual, physical, and emotional abuse at the hands of relatives. She describes the horror of being a young black person in America and experiencing racism in a predominantly white school. She explains how as a teenager, she found solace through it all with her best friend’s family.

In my opinion, the mark of a good writer is one whose words are written so vividly, so descriptively, yet with such subtlety that the words disappear on the page and the reader only sees pictures in his or her mind. Such is the case with Amoke’s writing. After reading the book, I felt as though I had just watched a movie and a very compelling movie at that.

Despite the odds against her, Amoke triumphs in the end. She traces her roots to the Yoruba group in Western Africa and changes her name. Amoke means “to know her is to give her attention; or one who is astute.” Perhaps this is reflective of the attention she needed and never received as a child.

“Missing Mama” is a universal story. It has something everyone can relate to. Amoke was a little girl who dealt with more challenge than most adults ever face. “Missing Mama” is a testament to the resiliency and tenacity of the human spirit. It is a story of triumph when faced with tremendous adversity. It made me laugh and it often made me cry, but most of all, it made me proud to be a human being.


From the time I was a child, I remember being taught in school that the Egyptian pyramids located on the Giza plateau were built as tombs to the pharaohs and that they were constructed by slaves. New research reveals evidence that perhaps this part of ancient history should be rewritten. It has been my observation over the years, from scientific papers and books I have read as well as lectures I have listened to, that the evidence refutes much if not all of what we have been taught about the pyramids. It is from this evidence that I have concluded ancient civilizations were far more scientifically advanced than we have given them credit for.

Firstly, we know about the existence of the Egyptian pyramids as well as the ones in Mexico. But pyramids exist on every continent on the planet. Pyramids have been discovered in Bosnia, Peru, India, China and even in the United States. What people may not realize is that the pyramids we are familiar with are in desert climates, thus causing them to be highly visible. Many of the other pyramids are buried under soil and covered with vegetation, obscuring them from view.

The history of ancient Egyptian civilization was recorded in hieroglyphics cut into stone. It is interesting to note that none of these stone records attribute the Great Pyramid to a pharaoh or anyone else. Also, independent researcher, Carman Boulter, Ph.D., has brought to public attention the existence of another pyramid in Egypt which is not known to the public. Located on a hilltop near the Giza plateau, this pyramid is unlike the others in that it is open at the top and observers can walk into it. This structure refutes the notion that pyramids were built by slaves simply by its location. The stone blocks would have had to be literally dragged onto a mountaintop before being put in place during construction. Many of the granite blocks that comprise the structures are as heavy as 80 tons and reach heights of as much as 300 feet. There is not even a crane in today’s world that is able to lift that much weight and we are to believe that slaves built these structures?

The Egyptian pyramids are connected through a labyrinth of underground tunnels and they were open at the very top or apex of the structure. The apices of the pyramids of the Giza plateau are in perfect alignment to the constellations above. It is now known that they were built as energy generators, certainly not tombs to the pharaohs.

Semir Osmanagic, Ph.D., an independent researcher, has written a book called “Pyramids Around the World.” Originally from Bosnia and now living in the United States, Dr. Osmanagic gives attention to the pyramid of Bosnia which is actually larger than the great pyramid of Egypt. Although the Bosnian pyramid is covered with vegetation, its shape is clearly visible.

For further information on this fascinating topic, please type into any search engine, Semir Osmanagic and/or Carmen Boulter. Both experts possess a wealth of information on the pyramids. The age in which we live has made it imperative for us to conduct our own research to find the truth about a myriad of subjects. We have an educational system that has been manipulated and teaches us half-truths and outright lies. This information belongs to humanity. We have a right to know the truth.


To say that jazz vocalist Dwight Trible is unique is an understatement. Simply put, “unique” means without like or equal; very unusual. Trible is so much more than that. His rich baritone voice can begin in a soft tone and soar into a crescendo, ending in a shout of anguish or pleasure, depending on the story he is telling in song.

What is it about America’s only original art form that sets it apart from other art forms? There are probably a multitude of factors, but the one that stands out most in my mind is improvisation. Whenever the listener hears a jazz performance by either an instrumentalist or a vocalist, the outcome is not the same. That is to say, it is impossible to duplicate one performance. In essence, the same artist can perform the same song over and over again, but no two performances will be quite the same. Trible is a master of improvisation.

After hearing a recent Trible concert at the Catalina Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, I was transfixed by his artistry. His interpretations of songs both familiar to me and songs I had never heard were astounding. For example, his rendition of what has become known as the first protest song, “Strange Fruit,” resonated with me. The song, originally recorded and made famous by the late Billie Holiday, was familiar. But Trible’s interpretation of it struck me like a lightning bolt and gave me the feeling that I was hearing the song for the first time. He ended the song by intricately weaving his voice in and out of the tapestry of notes produced by the musicians and painting a picture in my mind’s eye of the lynchings in the South that were so prevalent during and prior to the Post-World War II era.

A native of Los Angeles, California, it seems like a miracle to me that Trible is not as well-known as he should be. However, he is certainly no stranger to the world of jazz. He has worked with everyone from Bobby Hutcherson and Charles Lloyd to Harry Belafonte. Additionally, he is the featured vocalist with the Pharaoh Sanders Quartet and the vocal director of the Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, a Los Angeles institution with a 40-year history.

What is art? Art is an expression either in dance, in acting, in visual art such as a painting, or in music and the purpose of that expression is to evoke emotion in the viewer or listener. That emotion can be pleasurable, painful, joyful or sad. The visual artist evokes emotion with a paint brush and canvas. The dancer uses the body, and the singer uses the voice. To quote an article that I read recently, because of artists like Dwight Trible “music can be created with enough emotional and intellectual depth to make one confront one’s own life; music that forces one to journey inside oneself.” As human beings, we often find the answers to our questions through self-exploration.

If you are not familiar with the song stylings of Dwight Trible, many of his recordings can be found on YouTube. Music CDs can be purchased through Amazon and other major retail outlets. Give him a listen. You’ll be glad you did.


I once heard my sister say that addiction to clutter or as many people call it, “hoarding,” is symptomatic of a deep-seated hopeless feeling which usually stems from a feeling of being unloved. This is certainly not far from the truth. Underneath all addictions lies fear. Fear of emptiness, helplessness, loneliness and aloneness. Addictions are a way to feel safe from experiencing these difficult and painful feelings and an addiction to clutter is no exception. Essentially, it is about having a sense of control over feeling safe. Clutter, like all addictions, provides a momentary feeling of comfort. However, as with any addiction, the hoarder needs more and more clutter to maintain the illusion of safety and comfort.

When an elderly woman passed away, her grandson took on the task of cleaning out her house. In the process, he discovered huge amounts of clutter. While the woman’s house always appeared neat and clean, the cupboards and drawers were filled with clutter. To the grandson’s amazement, he found six broken hair dryers in one cabinet. Why would she want to keep six broken hair dryers? According to her daughter, the woman grew up during the depression and always had a fear of not having enough. No matter how much she accumulated materially, she never felt that she had enough. The six hair dryers made her feel safe from her fear, even if they didn’t work.

When we don’t feel safe on the inner level, then we try to make ourselves feel safe on the outer level and clutter is one way of doing that. Whether it is things, such as hair dryers, or information, such as in old magazines and newspapers, people who clutter do not trust that they will have what they need. Additionally, hoarders may be resistant people whose messiness and clutter are a way of not being controlled by someone who wants them to be neat.


Clutter is created and maintained by a wounded, frightened part of oneself—the wounded self or the part that operates from the illusion of having control over people, events, and outcomes. As long as this self is in charge of the decisions, the clutter addict will continue to accumulate clutter as a way to provide comfort and the illusion of control over feeling safe, or continue to be messy as a way to resist being controlled.

Healing can only occur when the individual does the inner work necessary to develop a strong, loving adult self. A loving adult is the aspect of us that opens to and connects with a spiritual source of wisdom, strength, and love. Only a loving adult is capable of exercising loving action on his or her own behalf. The loving adult operates from truth rather than from the false beliefs of the wounded self, and knows that the comfort and safety that clutter seems to provide is an illusion. Only the loving adult who is tuned in to the guidance provided by a spiritual source is capable of taking loving action on one’s own behalf to create a sense of inner safety.


Since I was a teenager, I have been fascinated with hats. The well-dressed man always seemed more complete if his expensive silk suit was topped off with a dark-colored felt fedora. The fedora, with its brim obscuring the eyes just a bit, added a touch of mystery. I’ve noticed whenever I wear a hat I seem to get a little more attention from passersby when I’m on the street.

During the 1930s and 40s, the gangsters of Chicago and New York City had a tremendous influence on men’s fashion and catapulted the fedora into popularity. Until the 1960s, the hat was the one article of clothing that performed the most important role in indicating social distinctions among men. This class distinction, though more prominent in England, was also evident in the United States. However, in 1961 when John Kennedy appeared hatless for his inauguration, the popularity of the fedora began to wane.

Around 1980, we saw a resurgence of popularity in men’s hats. This may have been, in part, due to the emergence of the Indiana Jones movies in which the hero was always seen wearing a fedora.

Today, the hip-hop generation has made hats more popular than ever. Varieties in color, fabric patterns, shapes, and material have made men’s hats more versatile. My favorite hat, the porkpie, which has a lower crown (the part that fits over the head) than the fedora, can be seen today in numerous styles.   It is commonplace today, to see young men and boys wearing a fedora or a porkpie to the movies, in malls, at concerts and even in the grocery store.

Whatever the level of popularity is at any given time, I think it’s safe to say that men’s hats are here to stay!


Today, I am sadly reminded of the brainless imbeciles who verbally attacked me because of an article I wrote in 2012 called “THE VACCINATION HOAX.” In this article, I gave a brief history of vaccines, how they have evolved over the years, and how the pharmaceutical industry has brainwashed the general public into thinking they are safe and effective in protecting our health from various diseases.   For years, medical experts have been presenting the findings of their research into vaccines and, to me, the evidence is overwhelming. There is a definite link between vaccines and autism in children. Harmful substances are included in the vaccines as so called “adjuvants” to render the vaccines more effective. Substances such as mercury, formaldehyde, and aluminum, all known to be poisonous to the human body, have been added to vaccines. Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, an American Obstetrician/Gynecologist, conducted research to determine why the incidence of autism in children has increased so greatly over the years. She stated publicly that the number of vaccines that are administered to children today is far greater than that of the 1950s or 1960s. Today, before a baby reaches 36-months-old, he or she has already received anywhere from 35 to 45 vaccines! All of this occurs before the child’s immune system has had a chance to develop. Dr. Banks did not actually state that vaccines were causing autism, but that they were highly suspect. For this, she was labeled a “quack” on the Internet.


Recently, a senior scientist with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) named Dr. William Thompson, revealed publicly that pertinent findings of a study completed on the MMR vaccine (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) were deliberately suppressed. What the study actually found was a strong CORRELATION BETWEEN VACCINES AND AUTISM IN CHILDREN! More specifically, African-American boys were particularly susceptible to the vaccines in that their probability of contracting autism was raised to 340 percent! This is reminiscent of the Tuskegee experiment that was conducted from 1932 to 1972, in which 399 African-American men were purposely infected with syphilis and not given treatment for it simply for the “researchers” to see how the disease would develop; what it would do to the human body. In short, these men were used as laboratory rats. It is important to note that all children, regardless of their ethnic background are susceptible to developing autism from exposure to vaccines.   However, the risk was highest in African-American boys. This information should be all over the mainstream media, yet nothing about it is being reported. Why?

Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a name you will undoubtedly see as this travesty of the CDC continues to unfold. Dr. Wakefield’s specialty is gastroenterology. In his research, he noticed a correlation between autism and gastrointestinal disorders, namely Crohn’s disease and he also uncovered a link between vaccines and autism in children. For that, Dr. Wakefield’s life and career have nearly been destroyed by the medical establishment, but he continues to stand tall.

I am particularly concerned about parents of young children. Vaccines which are supposed to make people safe from disease are actually causing disease. Vaccines are injected directly into the bloodstream, thus bypassing the body’s system of protecting itself from foreign substances. We don’t know what is in them. In my opinion, instead of taking vaccines, we should be doing everything to strengthen our immune systems by eating nutritious food, exercising, and taking natural dietary supplements.

Anyone who still thinks that the government of this country has our best interest at heart is delusional. It is past time for the public to wake up and smell the coffee! The government does not care about the general population. We must take responsibility for our own lives and our own health. Personal responsibility is essential in dealing with the AGE OF CORRUPTION we currently live in. We must let the government, the CDC, and the FDA know that they will not use our children as laboratory rats.

To all the vaccine advocates out there who attacked me, read this and weep!

Remember, always be skeptical, but NEVER, EVER close your mind.

(Information on Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. William Thompson and the subject of vaccines and autism can be seen on YouTube. Also on YouTube, please view the video, “CDC Knew MMR Vaccines Cause Autism!)